Looking to get and stay fit for a lifetime (and not just for now)?

I offer certified fitness training and coaching, including instructional sessions to ensure proper form, help you get better results in less time, prevent injuries, and avoid that 'I can hardly walk' feeling you normally get with a new training routine.

I focus primarily on athletes who are overtraining and not seeing the results they want-- but I also provide gentle, compassionate, and easy-to-follow instructions that ANYONE, no matter their fitness level, can implement to find and keep the level of health and fitness you really want.

My philosophy is that some workout is better than NO workout-- and that a sane workout is better than the kind that leaves you starving for a life outside of your training routine.

You'll find me to be caring, non-judgmental, and totally committed to helping you reach your fitness goals, no matter where you are in your training routine and your life.

I work 'in person' in the the Minneapolis/St. Paul area (of Minnesota), my rate is $85/hr. Also, check out my Virtual Coaching program where I can work with anyone in any location.  

Please get in touch to set up a session.



I offer a fresh approach to structuring your eating schedule based on your current eating habits, customized calorie/meal plans that work with YOUR metabolism (and leave you feeling satisfied instead of starving), and a 'done for you' accountability tracking system.

What I've learned 'the hard way' is that starving your body, or depriving it of essential nutrients and substances that it needs to function well and support a fulfilled life, is NOT the path to health, happiness, or even athletic success.

I advocate a healthy diet plan, complete with plenty of meals to fuel your body throughout the day and the right balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fat to ensure both your mind and your body are performing at peak levels. 


I provide custom- designed workouts you can perform on your own to maintain your new, healthier body and make health and fitness a natural + permanent part of your lifestyle. 

If you've been thinking about working out with me and want to give it a try with your friends, I also provide small group session (2-4 people) at the gym or at an outdoor location.  You and up to 3 of your friends can train with me in a workout that'll kick your butts into shape.  

2 people: $50 per person 

Up to 4 people: $40 per person

Contact me to set up a session.