How To Start Small For Big Results
Thursday, May 3, 2012 at 04:12PM
Kim Bloom

I consider myself to be a relatively motivated person.  But EVERYONE procrastinates SOMETIMES, even the most motivated person. 

For example, I love a clean house but dusting is one of my least favorite household I can be easily distracted by something more appealing. 

And...there are just things that if I know I can put them off for awhile I just may do so.

I mean...I'd put off just about anything I was doing if a friend called me to go for a run or a ride.

Maybe that's not such a great example because I'm a rare breed,  I LOVE to work out, l LOVE to feel the burning sensation of my muscles while I push my body to the limit.

So I'd take some type of exercise or physical activity over...hmmm...just about anything. 

But, 20% of people are chronic avoiders of difficult tasks and deliberately look for distractions which unfortunately...are increasingly available.  So is procrastination just another way of making excuses to avoid those things we SHOULD do but really don't want to do?

For most people, working out falls into the category of 'difficult tasks.'

Most people would rather sit on the couch, reading a good book or watch their favorite show on TV instead of going to the gym or doing some type of activity that works their body to intensity. 

The problem with putting off exercise of any sort is the longer we put off physical activity…the more difficult it is to start.

One thing I recommend (and sometimes do myself) while watching TV, during the commercial break…get up and do jumping jacks until the commercials are over. This way your body gets used to exercise and you can increase your activity little by little until it just becomes something you naturally enjoy doing because it makes you feel good.

Or…turn on the music and dance while dusting the house or...when going up the stairs run or take two stairs at a time. 

When there is something in my life I want to change and I keep procrastinating, I find that if I start small…do one new thing per day…eventually it gets easier for me to stop putting that 'something' off. 

Physical activity shouldn't be in the category of 'difficult tasks.'  I want to help people LOVE to do their body good, make working out fun, something they look forward to because in addition to making them look better on the outside, it increases their longevity and who doesn't want to live a long healthy life?

I know I do...

So try something new today to get your heart pumping and live a longer, healthier life!

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